BE Health Initiatives

BE Health Initiatives

We are proud of the hotels engagement and the positive impact of their activities on local communities. Each hotel shapes its project to the needs of their society. That is why their stories, testimonies and outcomes are both various and inspiring.


Dental health improvement for underprivileged children in Mongolia

Keeping children's teeth and gums clean protects them from tooth decay and unnecessary suffering. But not every child has access to dental care and hygiene routines. To help prevent early tooth decay in underprivileged children, the Kempinski Hotel Khan Palace launched its BE Health initiative on 9 April 2024 and pledged to support the Misheel Kids Foundation in providing oral hygiene prevention and care to children from rural areas. The foundation is a registered NGO in Mongolia and relies on donations to treat tooth decay and provide full dental restorations. In addition to treating children from nine orphanages and day-care centres in the capital, the Foundation's dental teams visit various locations in the city's poor districts with their mobile clinics, as well as undertaking mobile dental treks to remote regions of Mongolia. We are proud to support such vital and meaningful work. 

Launch Dr Klauns project RIGA.jpeg

A laugh and a smile can do wonders

The hotel team at the Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga believes in the power of lending a helping hand to those in need. Since January 2024, the hotel's BE Health initiative is partnering with the "Dr Klauns" healthcare clown programme in Latvia. Through the art of clowning, the programme helps children cope with emotionally and physically challenging circumstances during their stay in the hospital, facilitates post-operative rehabilitation and helps both young patients and their families cope with stress and negative emotions.

Through its partnership with "Dr Klauns", Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga aims to create a warm and nurturing environment for children undergoing medical treatment, offering them moments of joy and laughter in the midst of challenging times.

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Protection for glaciers, care for humans

Guests of the Grand Hotel des Bains Kempinski St-Moritz can easily walk to the ice tongue of the Morteratsch Glacier along a wide gravel path. The 16 signposts along the path show how rapidly the glacier is receding due to the effects of global warming, which in the long term threatens human health and the environment. As a daily witness to the melting of the Morteratsch glacier, the Grand Hotel des Bains Kempinski decided to support the MortAlive scientific project. Its mission is to slow down the glacier's shrinkage by recycling its meltwater for local snow-making, covering the glacier with protective snow all year round, and delaying its melting by up to 50 years.

Das Tirol - Red Cross Kitzbuehl.jpg

Adopting the Red Cross motto ‘for the love of people’

Kempinski Hotel Das Tirol decides to raise funds for their local Red Cross, the well-known institution that has been present in their community for over 120 years. Rescue services and patient transport formed their initial operations, but over the years, the tasks of Kitzbühel’s Red Cross have expanded to providing health and social services, such as meals-on-wheels, food banks clothes shops, and the care for elderly people. The association receives its first donation from the hotel in October 2023 expressing the hotel’s aspiration to embrace the Red Cross’ motto ‘for the love of people’. 

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The importance of education

Kempinski Hotel Shanghai joined BE Health's initiative to support the ‘Little Friends’ programme of the Sino-Ocean Charity Foundation by inviting their guests to donate CNY8 per room per night. The funds contribute to provide physical and mental health support for subsidised students of Shidongmen Primary School in Pingba Town, Wenshan City, Yunnan Province. Kempinski Hotel Shanghai's team believes that the collection of every drop of love turns into a thin trickle that becomes a river and sea, proving the power of kindness.

Djibouti Healthcare Centre Ambouli.JPG

Fighting against a life-threatening disease

Although malaria was almost eliminated in Djibouti with only 24 cases reported in 2012, the disease’s prevalence became alarming in 2020 with more than 73,000 cases. Malaria is life-threatening and, once again, endemic in Djibouti. To fight the disease, Djibouti Palace Kempinski conducts prevention activities among its employees and in their communities. Thanks to hotel guests’ donations, employees distribute insecticide-treated bed nets in their community. Sleeping under such net is one of the best ways to prevent malaria as they form a physical and chemical barrier against mosquitoes.

Hangzhou-BE Health Launch 06.2023.jpg

BE Health is launched in China

In April 2023, BE Health was launched in China with its first initiative rolled out in Kempinski Hotel Hangzhou. Under BE Health’s vision of a world where health is contagious, Kempinski hotels in China will work towards fostering health prevention and care for people in their local community.

To achieve these objectives and because they share common values and resources, Kempinski hotels in China, BE Health, and Sino-Ocean Charity Foundation, active in public welfare since 2008, decided to join their forces. 

Nanjing_launch BE Health 2023_1.jpg

Helping children in remote mountain areas

The General Manager of Kempinski Hotel Nanjing, Mr. Ansgar Schlemmer, and his team launched with pride the hotel's BE Health initiative, which aims to support the work of Sino-Ocean Charity Foundation, committed to support childrens' health and education in remote mountain areas. The collected funds via hotel guests (8 RMB) and special fundraising events enable children and young adults to continue their education and expand their horizon. At the same time, special classes are organised for a better understanding and consciousness toward the biophysical environment and its problems, while educating children to adopt a more environmentally friendly mindset.

Beijing Yansha Centre - Launch .jpg

Improve the health and education of children

The Kempinski Hotel Beijing Yansha Centre joins its sister hotels in China to support community-based activities and to help improve the health and education of underprivileged children in various regions of the country in collaboration with Sino-Ocean Charity Foundation. Besides organising special fundraising events, @kempinskibeijing invites its guests to donate 8 Chinese Yuan per room per night.

Siam - launch Thai autistic foundation.JPG

Supporting the talents of autistic children and young adults in Thailand

Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel Bangkok and Siam Kempinski Bangkok joined hands with the Autistic Thai Foundation to launch BE Health, a project to support, promote and develop the quality of life and health of autistic children. The foundation is in need of medical, basic equipment and financial assistance to improve and enhance the lives of these children as well as their families. With this collaboration, Sindhorn Kempinski and Siam Kempinski will organise activities in order to raise funds for the foundation.

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Including children with disabilities

Kempinski Hotel Muscat has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Association for Children with Disability in Oman. The association has 11 disability centres located all over Oman which provide special care and education for children aged 5 to 14 years old. Improving the quality of their daily live, integrating these children into the community and including them in social and sports events for youth are part of the association’s activities. It is actually important to show that everyone is different and can do something also when he or she has a physical disability. 

Besides providing the necessary ballrooms to host the activities and programmes of the association, the hotel’s support consists on collecting funds via their guests upon check-in or check-out on a voluntary basis.

VJZ Wuenschewagen_Neuschwanstein-Vorschlag_2.jpg

Fulfilling final wishes with Munich's wünschewagen

Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski raises funds for the Wünschewagen Munich/Upper Bavaria which fulfills a special wish for seriously ill people in their final phase of life. With medical care equipment, the volunteers of the Wish Car take them to a long-coveted place, nearby, to their home, favourite restaurant or football stadium, or sometimes far away abroad on the European roads. Each trip is though full off memories, emotions and tenderness. 

Realizing seriously ill people’s longstanding dream has become Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski’s engagement too and, therefore, actively supports Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Wünschewagen Münich by organizing special fundraising events and by inviting their guests to join and donate 1 Euro per night.

Ghana Accra - Breast Care International.jpg

Raising funds for the fight against breast cancer

Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City has launched its BE Health initiative which aims to support Breast Care International Ghana in the fight against breast cancer. By partnering with Breast Care International, they contribute to intervene upstream which is vital to alleviate stigma through education and early detection. Many lives can be saved.

Frutt Mountain and Fit-for-Future.jpg

Two hotels join their forces to support Fit-4-Future

Caring for children’s’ health stands at the centre of Fit-4-Future. In close collaboration with teachers, specialists and parents, the foundation drives more than 400 events each year to spur active and healthy lifestyles through playing sports, dynamic games and a balanced diet. Health depends highly on how we are able to provide access to prevention besides treatment, which usually plays the fireman’s role. Kempinski Palace Engelberg and Frutt Mountain Resort support the foundation in the long term by collecting funds via special fundraising events and by asking their guests to contribute CHF 1 per night during their stay at the hotel.

Tel Aviv Make a Wish Israel.jpg

Kempinski Hotel Tel Aviv joins Make-A-Wish Israel

To fulfil the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses, Kempinski Hotel Tel Aviv decided to embrace Make-A-Wish’s cause and fully supports the organisation by asking each hotel guest to make a small contribution and by actively taking part in the fulfilment of the children’s one true wish.


Integrating children and young adults with autism

Kempinski Hotel San Lawrence in Gozo joins the Inspire foundation to support children and young adults suffering from autism or movement disorders. Exposed to social isolation, it is vital to include those children and their parents as much as possible into the local community’s daily living. Occupational therapy, multi-sensory therapy, physiotherapy, therapeutic horseback riding or one-to-one tutoring are only a few development approaches that are offered to better integrate these children into their society. Besides the organisation of special fundraising activities, Kempinski Hotel San Lawrence invites their guests to donate 1 EURO per night to help INSPIRE in meeting their goal.

Berchtesgaden Bergwacht_1.jpg

Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden to encourage local Bergwacht

With more than 400 operations per year during all seasons and 40 voluntary mountain rescuers, solidarity stands in the middle of their rescue actions, a value that is also meaningful for Kempinski Hotel. The Bergwacht, though, depends on donors to assure hotel guests’ safety in a stunning but sometimes dangerous natural environment. It is therefore not surprising that Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden decided to actively support their mountain rescuers as they are much aware of the Bergwacht’s value in risky situations. 

Mall Emirates BE_instagram-post.jpg

Supporting local patients who have developped cancer

Nothing feels better than giving”, says Mr. Slim Zaiane, General Manager of Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates. Since November 2021 and in partnership with the Emirates Red Crescent, the hotel collects funds by asking its guests AED 5 per room per night to contribute to supporting local disfavoured patients who have developed cancer. 

In the UAE, 4,500 new cases are reported every year and cancer remains one of the main causes of death. Supportive care of cancer patients starts from the first day of diagnosis, and low-income workers without adequate health insurance for cancer care are relying on charity assistance to pay for their full treatment. 

Bali - front picture Solemen.png

Every life matters

The hotel team of the Apurva Kempinski Bali actively supports Bali’s well-known charity Solemen Indonesia which helps the sick, the poor and the forgotten people on the island. Bali doesn’t have a social welfare system, so the organisation goes out looking for those in need, hidden in their hut, often ashamed and alone. 

Mental ilness is stigmatised in Indonesia, often leading to forceful confinement. Solemen collaborates with nurses and psychiatrists so as to provide these patients with the necessary medical help and support. SoleFamily’s Outreach teams also identify people in need of medical treatment and assess patients and plan a treatment pathway for them. They refer and accompany them to appropriate social and medical services, guide and support them throughout the process while checking on their wellbeing after treatment and ensure they are correctly taking their prescribed medication. 

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Helping terminally or severely ill children’s dream come true by endorsing Kinderschutzengel E.V.

Critically and chronically ill children and their parents need support when long-term medical therapies become disheartening. Animal-assisted therapy proved to have a stimulating and holistic effect on the little patients’ emotional involvement and motivation during therapy. 

The Kinderschutzengel is Germany’s first organisation allowed to introduce therapy dogs directly into the children’s wards and even on their sickbeds. These “angels on four paws” cheer them up, offer a change from their painful everyday life and fuel positive emotions. For all these reasons, Hotel Adlon Kempinski is committed to raising funds via their hotel guests and supporting the organisation’s yearly Gala with human resources and marketing tools.

Gravenbruch Kinderhilfe- Übergabe Puppe Paul.jpg

Ongoing support for Kinderhilfe Stiftung E.V.

Since its founding, Kempinski Hotel Frankfurt Gravenbruch supports and collects funds for Kinderhilfe Stiftung e.V., founded by Dr. Dieter Hofmann in 1982. The foundation first started to reinforce the oncological service’s equipment of the Centre for Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine in Frankfurt am Main. Successful, the foundation also took on several projects such as providing local hospitals with special ambulances for chronically ill babies, psychological emergency aid for children and young people or social medical aftercare for chronically ill babies and children or donating a simulation doll in the shape of a 13-week old prematurely new born, capable of reproducing any sign of illness (see picture), allowing the local neonatologist team to practice prior to performing real life-threatening situations. 

Later this year in October, Kempinski Hotel Gravenbruch organises a gala evening to raise funds enabling Kinderhilfe Stiftung e.V. to undertake additional projects.


Making critically-ill children’s wishes come true

The German association Lukas Stern e.V. grants wishes of critically-ill people of all ages, and in particular children. When people fall seriously ill, their disease takes up all the room there is, life is turned up side town and nothing is as it was before. By raising funds with Lukas Stern, Hotel Taschenbergpalais Kempinski is committed to bring back the smile on their face by fulfilling one of the patient’s dreams. A longed-for helicopter tour, a family stay in Legoland or a computer can do wonders for young patients and family, and bring some bright spots in their life.


Partnership with with Benaa Orphan Care Association

Improving the living conditions of the country’s orphans stands at the centre of the Benaa Orphan Care Association. As to offer orphans a successful future , they need not only health care and education, but also special attention during the entire childhood. This is why Kempinski’s hotel in Al Khobar chose to cooperate with the association’s objectives.