About BE Health

BE Health has a unique approach to corporate social responsibility

Our Organisation

BE Health is an encompassing corporate social responsibility programme for Kempinski hotels wishing to empower people to protect themselves against communicable and non-communicable diseases through personal behaviour alteration and early disease detection. In close collaboration with the individual hotel, BE Health builds therefrom prevention initiatives framed by quality, monitoring and evaluation standards. Our organisation is an independent legal entity, ruled under Swiss law and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

programme structure


Businesses can make a positive impact in limiting the spread of diseases by providing knowledge and empowerment to reduce health risk factors.

BE Health hotel CSR projects work upstream medical care to spur healthier lifestyles, early disease detection and special care. Each participating hotel builds capacity through health promotion from the workplace to the local community and provides knowledge and empowerment to people, enabling them to protect themselves and avoid the downstream consequences of medical caring.

  1. Together with the hotel, we define the project's health objectives and target group(s) and partner with the most appropriate local health organisation
  2. Hotel employees are educated in how to prevent the targeted disease and/or risk factors and empower people
  3. Having become "health operators", employees share their knowledge to target group(s), raise awareness and encourage early detection
  4. Hotel management organises fundraising (regular and/or occasional) to fund community-based activities in collaboration with the local health care partner.
  5. BE Health provides assitance in implementing the project and ensures monitoring and evaluation of each hotel project and communicates operational and financial outcomes of each hotel project.


General Assembly & Directors

The General Assembly is the supreme organ of BE Health. Chaired by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, it is called once every year by the Board.

BE Health's activities are supervised by its Board of Directors, which is the executive body of the organisation. The General Assembly has appointed Deloitte S.A. as BE Health’s auditor to review the books and records on a yearly basis. The Managing Director of BE Health is in charge of its operation and administration.

Anne Marie Bettex

Chairman of the Board

Bernold O. Schroeder

Joined Kempinski Hotels in 2017 and serves today as CEO and Chairman of the Management Board of Kempinski. Bernold is an industry veteran with more than 30 years in the global hotel industry covering all aspects of luxury hospitality, from development to operations to sales and marketing. Since the day Bernold started with Kempinski, he took a great interest in BE Health’s work. He actively advocated our activities and supported vigorously hotel fundraising. We are happy to welcome Bernold as our Chairman with his exceptional corporate and operational leadership experience.

Anne Marie Bettex

Managing Director

Anne-Marie Bettex-Baars

Gained extensive experience in applied research and project management while working as scientific collaborator at the University of Geneva in Switzerland, and by managing innovative cross-border pilot projects in the European Union with an association funded by the Swiss Confederation. From 2006 to 2014, Anne-Marie worked at Kempinski Hotels, where she was in charge of conducting various company-wide projects, including the conceptualization and roll-out of BE Health Association. Anne-Marie has a BA in Sociology and a minor in Economic History from the University of Geneva, and a Research Master’s in Sociology from the University of Geneva. She also is a qualified mediator.

Amanda Elder

Member of the Board

Amanda Elder

Amanda Elder is a Member of the Management Board of Kempinski Hotels SA and responsible for driving the commercial strategy of Kempinski globally. In this capacity, she oversees a global team of experts in marketing, brand, sales, digital strategy, revenue management, CRM and loyalty as well as public relations and corporate communications, to deliver engaging content and programmes for Kempinski guests across multiple platforms. An Australian national, Amanda first joined Kempinski in 2014 as Vice-President Sales and Marketing for Kempinski in China, where she led all arms of business development in this market. She has more than 25 years of experience in the luxury hospitality field, including senior global sales positions covering Europe, Middle East, Africa and China. Prior to joining Kempinski, Amanda held leadership roles in business development and hotel operations with Fairmont Raffles Hotels International, Marriott International and Starwood Hotels. She has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Auckland.

Our Chairman of the Advisory Board



Prof., Dr. Mario C. Raviglione

Chairman of the Advisory Board and a leading expert in Tuberculosis, Dr. Raviglione is professor in Global Health at the University of Milan. He joined World Health Organisation (WHO) in 1991 to work on TB/HIV research and TB epidemiology in Europe and has been Director of the Global TB Programme at the WHO since 2003. As a leading expert in TB and amongst the top ten most cited authors in the TB field. Dr Raviglione provides BE Health with his active support and vital advice to develop resourceful strategies related to community-based TB programmes.

More members will be soon appointed