Hotel Initiatives

Projects and achievements

We are proud of the hotels engagement and the positive impact of their activities on local communities. Each hotel shapes its project to the needs of their society. That is why their stories, testimonies outcomes are both various and inspiring.

Insight into our Hotel Initiatives:

Kempinski Hotel San Lawrence chose to support Gozo’s local foundation INSPIRE

Kempinski’s hotel in Gozo joins the Inspire foundation to support children and young adults suffering from autism or movement disorders. Exposed to social isolation, it is vital to include those children and their parents as much as possible into the local community’s daily living. Occupational therapy, multi-sensory therapy, physiotherapy, therapeutic horseback riding or one-to-one tutoring are only a few development approaches that are offered to better integrate these children into their society. Besides the organisation of special fundraising activities, Kempinski Hotel San Lawrence invites their guests to donate 1 EURO per night to help INSPIRE in meeting their goal.

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Çiragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul cares for children with autism

Children diagnosed with autism need special care. They need effective education, yet prior to the age of three, as to give them the best chances to integrate regular peer classes. Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) methods, developed by the Princeton Child Development Institute in the US, offer that unique chance to autistic toddlers. The Tohum Autism Foundation in Istanbul is committed to meet those special educational needs and proposes early diagnosis and education. As of 17 May, the Çiragan Palace supports their project to open additional school classes for the little autistic children and associate their guests in their efforts by asking to donate a daily TRY 50 in addition to their room rate.

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Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates supports local patients who have developed cancer

Nothing feels better than giving”, says Mr. Slim Zaiane, General Manager of Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates. Since November 2021 and in partnership with the Emirates Red Crescent, the hotel collects funds by asking its guests AED 5 per room per night to contribute to supporting local disfavoured patients who have developed cancer. In the UAE, 4,500 new cases are reported every year and cancer remains one of the main causes of death. Supportive care of cancer patients starts from the first day of diagnosis, and low-income workers without adequate health insurance for cancer care are relying on charity assistance to pay for their full treatment. During the first three months of fundraising, the hotel collected more than EUR 5,800.

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Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden decided to encourage their local Bergwacht

With more than 400 operations per year during all seasons and 40 voluntary mountain rescuers, solidarity stands in the middle of their rescue actions, a value that is also meaningful for Kempinski Hotel. The Bergwacht, though, depends on donors to assure hotel guests’ safety in a stunning but sometimes dangerous natural environment. It is therefore not surprising that Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden decided to actively support their mountain rescuers as they are much aware of the Bergwacht’s value in risky situations. In only two months, the hotel collected more than EUR 2,000.

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Every life matters has become important for The Apurva Kempinski Bali through their partnership with Solemen Indonesia.

Throughout the past three years, the hotel team in Bali has actively supported Bali’s well-known charity Solemen which helps the sick, the poor and the forgotten people on the island. Bali doesn’t have a social welfare system, so the organisation goes out looking for those in need, hidden in their hut, often ashamed and alone. Many cannot even walk at all due to their disabilities or illness. Solemen provides temporary assistance for immediate health challenges and develops a sustainable plan based on individual family needs. By now, The Apurva Kempinski Bali has raised more than EUR 28,000 and will stay actively involved to support their local community.

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Hotel Adlon Kempinski helps to make terminally ill or severely ill children’s dream come true by endorsing Kinderschutzengel e.V.

Critically and chronically ill children and their parents need support when long-term medical therapies become disheartening. Animal-assisted therapy proved to have a stimulating and holistic effect on the little patients’ emotional involvement and motivation during therapy. The Kinderschutzengel is Germany’s first organisation allowed to introduce therapy dogs directly into the children’s wards and even on their sickbeds. These “angels on four paws” cheer them up, offer a change from their painful everyday life and fuel positive emotions. For all these reasons, Hotel Adlon Kempinski is committed to raising funds via their hotel guests and supporting the organisation’s yearly Gala with human resources and marketing tools.

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Kempinski Hotel Frankfurt Gravenbruch‘s ongoing support for Kinderhilfe Stiftung e.V.

Since its founding, Kempinski Hotel Frankfurt Gravenbruch supports and collects funds for Kinderhilfe Stiftung e.V., founded by Dr. Dieter Hofmann in 1982. The foundation first started to reinforce the oncological service’s equipment of the Centre for Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine in Frankfurt am Main. Successful, the foundation also took on several projects such as providing local hospitals with special ambulances for chronically ill babies, psychological emergency aid for children and young people or social medical aftercare for chronically ill babies and children or donating a simulation doll in the shape of a 13-week old prematurely new born, capable of reproducing any sign of illness (see picture), allowing the local neonatologist team to practice prior to performing real life-threatening situations. Later this year in October, Kempinski’s sister hotel Gravenbruch organises a gala evening to raise funds enabling Kinderhilfe Stiftung e.V. to undertake additional projects.

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Kempinski Hotel Das Tirol Jochberg collects funds to support Friedensdorf International’s charity activities

Since 50 years, Friedensdorf International helps the most vulnerable amongst victims of war and conflict: children. Shortage of primary care and medical treatment is closely related to war and crisis and merely devastating for the youngest. The charity choose for individual care and bring young injured and critically-ill patients to Germany as to receive the appropriate treatment. Kempinski Hotel Das Tirol therefore committed to contributing to give those children a chance to live and return back to their home country once recovered.

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Hotel Taschenbergpalais Kempinski Dresden cares for making critically-ill children’s wishes come true.

Since 2016, the German association Lukas Stern e.V. grants wishes of critically-ill people of all ages, and in particular children. When people fall seriously ill, their disease takes up all the room there is, life is turned up side town and nothing is as it was before. By raising funds with Lukas Stern, Hotel Taschenbergpalais Kempinski is committed to bring back the smile on their face by fulfilling one of the patient’s dreams. A longed-for helicopter tour, a family stay in Legoland or a computer can do wonders for young patients and family, and bring some bright spots in their life.

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